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Stereotribes Interview: Matt Henshaw at Camden Rocks Music Festival

Stereotribes Interview: Matt Henshaw at Camden Rocks Music Festival

Stereotribes interview with Matt Henshaw By Ben Stevens at Camden Rocks Music Festival 2015 Matt Henshaw is within that rarest class of performer, that so many aspire to be. A class of performer who can stand in front of a crowd full of strangers, armed with nothing but a guitar and his voice and electrify the room. The 27 year old singer songwriter from the Midlands has performing in his blood. His voice carries his songs with confidence and emotion, oozing the with the soul and passion of greats like Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke which have clearly influenced his sound. Matt says “I find writing songs very cathartic”, an emotional outlet which is plainly apparent in his music. This backed by a guitar sound bearing the same influential hallmarks, but tailored to create a solid foundation for his voice to flourish. Distancing himself from his contemporaries like James Blake and Ed Sheeran indulging in a more vintage R’n’B vibe, yet keeping the same powerful intimacy of the one man one guitar setup they have mastered. His technical command of his instrument and his electrifying voice are brought together within his songs and intertwined with a talent that is only developed through time and devotion. Matt’s lyrics tell stories, creating his “imaginary film soundtrack” yet lack any pretense or triviality. Each song has a unique pace and often a great hook, qualities which have earnt Matt some respectable accolades. Winning this years Midlands Independent Music Award (MIMA) for best male, boasting a record in the top 30 of the iTunes singer songwriter charts with ‘Your Eyes Are Made Of Gold’ which went on to win the bets EP at the Galaxy Music Awards, it is little wonder why Matt is “building a flock” of fans. These achievements have certainly been hard earned, following the relentless work ethic based on the advice “in times of crisis, have a drink or get on with it.” Leaving his day job in 2013 to pursue a full time career in music, all of Henshaw’s records have been released on his own label ‘Peace, Love and Tea’ selling mostly out of a Fender guitar hard case which travels with him on his relentless gigging schedule. With gigs spanning the whole of Britain and most of Europe pushing 300 in a year, his own record label and his own night in Leicester, noone can say this talented man has not earned his stripes and honed his talent. ______________________________________ Interview by Ben Stevens Film director Sam Burgess Content exclusive to Stereotribes: #stereotribes #amplifyyourpassion Copyright 2015
Stereotribes Interview: Hand off Gretel at Camden Rocks Music Festival 2015

Stereotribes Interview: Hand off Gretel at Camden Rocks Music Festival 2015

Exclusive interview with Hands off Gretel - By Ben Stevens: This DIY grunge quartet from South Yorkshire may be the new kids on the block with only 10 gigs under their belt, but to see them live you begin to understand that they belong on stage. The bands lead singer, Lauren Tate, a seasoned music veteran with an already substantial fanbase, is a force of nature. She says “for me it’s a way to get rid of anger”, with a deafening yet melodic cry that seemingly comes from nowhere, this anger turns to raw untamed energy onstage. Adding that “the stage is somewhere you can be the class clown” its easy to see where her overbearing stage presence comes from, confidence and performance to rival the likes of Brody Dalle and My Bloody Valentine. Of course the stage energy comes from more than Lauren’s bellows, Laura Moakes hits the drums with the same anger and drive, creating the solid aggressive backbone of the 4 piece. Throw in Danny Pollard’s crunchy bass grumble and Sean McAvinue’s transcendent guitar howl and a symphony of headbanging fury is unleashed on stage. Swaying towards a more 90’s grunge influence, the songs are written by Tate and brought to life by the band’s kindred goal to “compete against my favourite bands” and inject as much fire into every note as possible. Claiming her favourite song, Oh Shit, is so because she “can really shout” is a fairly poignant representation of what Hands Off Gretel are all about. Although relative newcomers to the wonderful world of music, Hands Off Gretel make up for it and then some with their ferocity and command of the stage, if you’re looking to let off some steam, or just watch a group of people do it professionally, be sure to get your hands on these guys. #handsoffgretel ----------------------------------------­----- Interview by Ben Stevens Film director Sam Burgess Content exclusive to Stereotribes: #stereotribes #amplifyyourpassion Copyright 2015
The Secret Life of Steve Morrison - Blues Genuis -  Documentary

The Secret Life of Steve Morrison - Blues Genuis - Documentary

We meet Steve Morrison in a small pokey Jazz Bar in Greenwich, and he blew us away. We thought surely this guy is a veteran who has played all around the world entertaining thousands of people. The truth was, he quietly dedicated his entire life to Blues without really ever hitting the circuit. We are proud to have helped Steve get on Guitar Star where he impressed world class guitarists round after round and is now a household name for lovers of the Guitar Star series. Luckily for us, we captured some rare footage of him before he became famous and decided to make a short documentary to share his genius with the world in this intimate interview.. I great comment he made in the interview that really proves Steve has the soul of an old Bluesman is... "I remember when I was young, my father coming home early one morning after his night shift working in the printing industry at 4am. He bought home a reel to reel of a new Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee album...the whole house has woken up, mother, my sisters, my brother, so we all came down stairs, because my dad got some new Blues, so the old reel to reel came out, we’re sitting around drinking tea...and my mother tapping me saying, ‘thats how you play the guitar son’." Find more about Steve Morrison here: www. What help developing your music career, join Stereotribes today and contact us for free career development:
Stereotribes: Michele Benigna, drummer for Mann Friday

Stereotribes: Michele Benigna, drummer for Mann Friday

Stereotribes stumbled across this talentedd band who performed at the 2015 Glastonbury Festival. His is an interview from that perfectly sums them up: To coin a phrase like Alternative Afro-Folk-Rock is pretty difficult – and quite a mouthful, but it seems Mann Friday might have done so. Hailing from South Africa, Italy and …wait for it …Zimbabwe(!), and bound together by a decade on the London rock scene, Mann Friday have forged a triumphant alloy of Brit grit and African optimism. The self-propelled rockers boast a litany of achievements including five studio albums, near sell-out performances at premiere venues such as The O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, The Forum and Islington Academy – all supported savagely by an army of loyalist fans. One scalp they haven’t taken though, is a lifelong dream to play at the hallowed Glastonbury Festival. Their new single Say Yeah!, out January 15th 2015 is a stirring call to action and the accompanying video an explosive appeal to Glastonbury organizer Emily Eavis to book the band at this year’s festival. Say Yeah! is the perfect combination of rock and folk that is full of energy. It’s a blinder, combining percussion and guitar riffs into a richly layered mid-tempo melody that features a folk friendly drumbeat and rock undertones. The key is the vocal line, and not just melodically… Let’s hope Emily Eavis jumps on board too, expect to see, hear and read a lot of buzz around Mann Friday in the coming weeks from ME to Uncut Magazine, amongst others. C’mon, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious. Article source: Stereotribes welcomes all music lovers, musicians and music innovators, pop on over to and set up your free profile today. Explore Michele Benigna @michelebenigna Explore Mann Friday @mannfriday
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